Oilskin Care

Oilskin is a high-quality tough material that will last many years if looked after correctly. Follow the tips below to get the maximum lifespan / protection out of your oilskin. 

How to Care for your Oilskin


How to Clean an Oilskin

  1. Gently remove dirt using a soft brush or rag.
  2. Using cold water dab with a sponge or hose down.
  3. For woollen linings use a small amount of wool wash and water.
  4. For mouldy garments sponge or hand wash with diluted vinegar, after this your garment may need to be reproofed.
  5. Allow garment to dry naturally.


How to Reproof an Oilskin with Wax

We recommend reproofing your oilskin every 3-10 years (depending on wear) to maintain its waterproof qualities. A 400g tin is sufficient to re-oil a full-length coat. 

  1. Remove all surplus dirt from the garment by wiping down with a wet cloth or hand washing in cold or lukewarm water using antibacterial detergent or pure soap.
  2. Allow garment to dry naturally.
  3. Remove the tin lid and place tin in a hot water until the wax liquidises. Note the hot water level should be 3cm lower than the tin. CAUTION: Handle carefully to avoid scalding
  4. Apply melted wax directly onto garment using a soft cloth, sponge or paintbrush. A thicker coating should be applied to the shoulders, neck and seams of the garment.
  5. *Optional* Once the garment is waxed use a hair dryer on a low-warm setting to even out patches, this will allow the wax to seep deeper into the fabric for a longer lasting finish.
  6. Hang garment in a warm place and allow to dry.

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