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About Oilskin

What is Oilskin?
Oilskin is a waxed cotton fabric used to make waterproof garments such as vests, jackets, coats and trousers. Made by impregnating a liquidised microcrystalline and paraffin wax mix onto large sheets of cotton fabric, oilskin is durable and long lasting. Modern dying processes have been developed in Australia to produce garments that can withstand our harsh climate. Our oilskin products are often used for farming, fishing, camping, horse riding or working outdoors; oilskin keeps the rain and wind out whilst keeping the warmth in.‚Äč

History of Oilskin 
Sailors at the turn of the century discovered that ship sails could be waterproofed by coating them with linseed and whale oil. The fabric was cut and sewn into durable wet weather garments. This discovery spread to the land where farmers and stockmen adapted the oiled cloth to make their own style garments that were durable and water-resistant work clothes. Today the harsh conditions still remain, however modern technology has dramatically improved fabric qualities, hence the evolution of today's oilskins.


Benefits and Superior Characteristics of Oilskin:







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