Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a permanent shop?
No, we travel across Eastern Australia popping up at various events for a limited time as listed on the Visit Us page.

Do you ship internationally?
Not yet; currently we only offer shipping in Australia.

Where are your products made?
China, India and Fiji.

Are any of your products made in Australia?
Unfortunately, no. Just 5 years ago many of our oilskins were Australian made however the increasing costs of Australian manufacturing led us to make changes. We still want to support Australian manufacturing, so our Bendigo Clothing & Bulldust products are assembled in Fiji using 100% Australian oilskin fabric. 

Do you stock 100% cotton fabric garments?
Yes, we stock Bisley (work, check and stripe shirts), Hard Slog (half button work/patterned shirts) and Thomas Cook (fine dress shirts). Certain garments are available in-store only.

Is oilskin the same as drizabone?
They are similar. Oilskin (waxed cotton) is the material is used to assemble both. Differences include garment density, design, internal lining and/or sizing.

How do you clean an oilskin coat?
Sponge or hose your oilskin product with cold water. See Oilskin Care for more detail.

Can all of your products be found online?
No, we have certain products that can be purchased in-store only.

Are your products discounted at events?
Yes, if you find us at an event, we regularly have 'show specials' so you’re bound to discover something great.

Are you actually from Bendigo?
Yes, we had a shop in Bendigo, Victoria around 25 years ago and though we travel now we are still based in Bendigo.