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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Where is the Bendigo Country Clothing shop?

We are a travelling clothing company and do not have a permanent shop. To find out where we will be next head over to the Events \ Visit Us page.

2.     Where are your products manufactured?

Australia, China, India and Fiji.

3.     Do you ship internationally?

For any person needing international shipping please contact us, we only ship to countries where the parcel can be tracked. International shipping will be charged as per the International Standard Postage Fees.

4.     What is the difference between Oilskin and Driza-Bone?

Oilskin (waxed woven cotton) is the material used to assemble waterproof products. Driza-Bone is a company that sell oilskin products, similar to the brands we stock Bendigo Clothing, Bulldust and Didgeridoonas. A products density, design, lining and sizing all vary between brands.

5.     Which of your products are Australian Made?

We stock and support Barmah Hats who manufacture in Melbourne, Australia. These are only available in-store at select events. Majority of our oilskin products are made using 100% Australian Oilskin and we have a limited range of Australian Made Rossi Boots.

6.     Are you from Bendigo?

Yes, we are based in Bendigo and travel across Eastern Australia to attend events. Around 25 years ago we had a shop and manufactured our own garments in Bendigo, Victoria.

7.     I’m looking for products with 100% cotton fabrics, what do you have?

We stock Bisley (plain, check and stripe shirts), Hard Slog (half button plain and patterned shirts) and Thomas Cook (fine dress shirts). Certain garments are available in-store only.

8.     Are your products discounted at events?

Depends on the product, we regularly run ‘show specials’ exclusive to each event. Come and visit us at our next event to view our specials, you’re bound to discover something great! Online sales are also run periodically and can reflect show special prices.

9.     How do you clean an oilskin coat?

Sponge or hose your oilskin product with cold water. See Oilskin Care for more detail.

10.  Can all of your products be found online?

No, we have certain products that can be purchased in-store only.