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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a shop in Bendigo?
We travel across Eastern Australia setting up temporary clothing stores at various events; we do not have a permanent shop.
2. Where are your products made?
Australia, China, India, Indonesia, and Fiji.
3. Can all products be found online?
No, we have certain products that can only be purchased at events. Note: products vary per event.
4. I don’t have PayPal; can I purchase online?
Yes, complete check out until you reach the PayPal login page – just below that you can continue as guest/with credit card.
5. Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we only ship to locations within Australia.
6. What is the difference between a Driza-bone and an Oilskin?
Simply put, Driza-bone is a brand that produce oilskin products. We stock oilskin products from brands such as Bendigo Clothing, Bulldust and Didgeridoonas.
7. How do I clean my oilskin?
Sponge or hose your oilskin with cold water to remove debris. See Oilskin Care for more details.
8. Should I come to an event?
Definitely! At events you’re able to try on different sizes and we offer exclusive event discounts on a wide range of products. Plus, you’ll get to have a nice day out. Hint: come to a field day to see machinery and tools or to a muster/festival to see country music.
9. How can I contact you?
Fill out a form on the Contact Us page or text us on 0478 649 282. We typically respond within a week.